Front Yard Rehab – October 2018

This project involved trimming, reorganizing, removing and replacing lots of overgrown shrubbery that was blocking an otherwise beautiful home. It was a Southern Living showcase home back in the 90’s, but you couldn’t even see the white columned front porch with all of the overgrown shrubbery.

We completely removed the front line of shrubs as well as the large holly tree blocking the corner and driveway. New landscaping beds with fabric, edging and low lying plants (gumbo azaleas, harbor nandinas and day lilies) were installed.

Landscaping lights were installed to showcase the home’s brick siding and new landscaping beds.  The front porch was also cleaned thoroughly and had the white trim & columns painted to restore it to its former glory.

Last but not least, the driveway and sidewalks were pressure washed to give the entire front property a fresh, new look!