Mulch & Stone

We have been one of the most experienced contractors for designing and installing optimal stone and mulch beds in properties around Virginia for decades.

Mulching your landscape shrubbery & trees properly will give your home a clean and manicured look, and will also reduce the amount of time and effort needed to weed. We can help you decide which type of mulch would best suit your needs and calculate the amount needed. When it comes time to install, we will apply the correct amount of mulch in the most needed areas.

Stone gardens and pathways are another way to enhance the beauty of your landscape. They most often can be constructed to match or complement other stone or rock landscape features around your home. Stone gardens can be constructed of many different materials ranging from smooth stone for a more polished look (or to help with drainage) to natural rock for a more organic look (or for additional stabilization). Stone gardens are a great way to define the edges of other areas that will be filled with mulch or other loose materials.

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